English Placement Test – What is Your English Level?

Do you know what is your exact English Level?

In this English placement Test you will get your accurate English level

We’ve spent many hours to create this test
To give you particular results which is similar to IELTS and TOEFL tests <3

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This English placement test consists of 36 questions.

At the end of the test, you will know your result which will be

Β Beginner (A1,2), Intermediate (B1,2) or advanced (C1,2)

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What is the differenent between So & Because? – learn English Online

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Do you need to learn the English language online from A to Z?


Here is an effective way that will help you to speak English fluently (like native speakers)

It’s about learning the difference between conjunctions πŸ˜€

In this lesson, you will learn the difference among 2 important conjunctions which are So & Because in English..

1- So
What does “so” means?

Sentence Structure:
Reason + So +Β Result

Here are some Examples:
– He lost his money so he is sad.
* In the example
The Reason is “he lost his money”

The Result is “he is sad”

– It was raining so they are wet
* In the example
The Reason is “raining”

The Result is “wet”

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2- Because
What does “Because” means?

Sentence Structure:
Result + Because + Reason

Here are some Examples:
– Tony didn’t go to work because he was sick.
* In the example

The Result is “Tony didn’t go to work”
The Reason is “sick”

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– Mona reads too much because she loves books.
* In this example
The Result is “Mona read too much”
The Reason is “she loves books”

Now, Take this quiz to test your English level from here

It was raining ___ I took a Taxi.

Correct! Wrong!

He didn't swim ___ the water wasn't clean.

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I'm tired today ___ I couldn't sleep last night.

Correct! Wrong!

He quit his job ___ he is looking for a better one .

Correct! Wrong!

We walked home ___ there were no Taxies.

Correct! Wrong!

She didn't study hard .... she failed in the exam.

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It was cold ___ I closed the window.

Correct! Wrong!

So or Because Quiz - Learn English online
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