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It’s about learning the difference between conjunctions πŸ˜€

In this lesson, you will learn the difference among 2 important conjunctions which are So & Because in English..

1- So
What does “so” means?

Sentence Structure:
Reason + So +Β Result

Here are some Examples:
– He lost his money so he is sad.
* In the example
The Reason is “he lost his money”

The Result is “he is sad”

– It was raining so they are wet
* In the example
The Reason is “raining”

The Result is “wet”

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2- Because
What does “Because” means?

Sentence Structure:
Result + Because + Reason

Here are some Examples:
– Tony didn’t go to work because he was sick.
* In the example

The Result is “Tony didn’t go to work”
The Reason is “sick”

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– Mona reads too much because she loves books.
* In this example
The Result is “Mona read too much”
The Reason is “she loves books”

Now, Take this quiz to test your English level from here

He quit his job ___ he is looking for a better one .

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She didn't study hard .... she failed in the exam.

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It was raining ___ I took a Taxi.

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I'm tired today ___ I couldn't sleep last night.

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It was cold ___ I closed the window.

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We walked home ___ there were no Taxies.

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He didn't swim ___ the water wasn't clean.

Correct! Wrong!

So or Because Quiz - Learn English online
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